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The rise of digital money

17 July 2019

Alipay. Libra. M-Pesa. Paxos. Stablecoins. Swish. WeChat Pay. Zelle. All, and many others, are incre...

Articles IOT

Voice assistants in Financial Services - a strategic imperative

04 July 2019

The rapid emergence of the smartphone as the prime user interface forced financial services (FS) org...

Articles Technology

FS leaders walk the technology risk-reward tightrope in their search for growth

03 July 2019

The modern Financial Services (FS) industry, which in the UK contributes around £119bn a year....

Articles A.I.

Why FS Leaders are Approaching AI with Caution

03 July 2019

The continued growth of the digital environment makes the adoption of artificial intelligence an imp...

Articles FinTech

What is driving the growth of fintech M&A?

21 January 2019

Innovative digital companies continue to emerge across the financial services sector. In the past th...

Articles FinTech

Why fintechs are missing out by ignoring older generations

30 June 2018

This article looks at why FinTechs are missing out by ignoring older generations. It also discu...

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