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FinTech Focus - KPMG explore the dynamic and growing UK FinTech sector

13 April 2021

KPMG's Pulse of fintech research is tracking the dynamic and growing UK fintech sector. With a lack....

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Kalifa Review of UK Fintech

26 February 2021

Recommendations at a glance: 5 point plan Policy and Regulation • Deliver a digital financ...

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Data and FinTech in the banking sector: the foundation for innovation

19 February 2021

Monetisation of data is paramount for banks to stay competitive, compliant and able to adapt to the...

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Pulse of FinTech

08 February 2021

What you will learn:Global insights Global fintech investment analysis (VC, PE, M&A) T...

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How we use Cledara at Railsbank

02 September 2020

Railsbank, one of Europe's fastest growing fintech startups, talks about how they use Cledara, how i...

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Unleashing the potential of FinTech in banking

29 July 2020

The FinTech industry attracted over US$13.1b in VC-backed investments in 2016, about five times...

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West Midlands FinTech Ecosystem Report 2020

27 May 2020

This report focuses primarily on the activity in the geographical area covered by the West Midlands...

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Fintech Banking Spotlight on Capital Structure

27 May 2020

Fintech Sector: Capital Structure Observations • As the global economy starts to digest the...

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Whitecap Consulting’s Regional FinTech Ecosystem Analysis

14 May 2020

Whitecap has been analysing the UK’s regional FinTech ecosystems since 2018 and has now conduc...

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