About FinTech Alliance

Our vision is to connect and empower the global FinTech community and to optimise the possibilities of emerging financial technology for everyone.

The complete FinTech community

Discover. Connect. Prosper.

FinTech Alliance is the complete FinTech community. Where ambitious people, disruptive start-ups, investors and industry leaders learn, share, and work together to succeed in the world’s fastest emerging global ecosystem.

Access to up-to-the-minute news, industry knowledge, insights, funding, mentorships and career opportunities. Raise your profile, lead the conversation, meet new customers and investors, find talent, develop employees.

Our benefits


Knowledge is power. FinTech Alliance is a knowledge bank of news, insights, regulations, connection and industry movements. One central portal that puts you in the know.


We break down traditional boundaries to connections, bringing the entire community together, empowering disruptors, enabling ideas and driving established industry players forwards.


By fostering collaboration, FinTech Alliance is a platform for progress that gives the industry more power to grow, and allows the whole world to prosper.

Accelerate Innovation

Access the entire UK FinTech ecosystem, all in one place. Build your community, mentor talent, find employees, stay on top of industry trends, capitalise on disruptive new ideas and gain the competitive edge.

Develop and grow relationships

Spark and drive conversations, meet new customers, attract the best partners, discover investment opportunities or gain funding.