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Quirk is developing the first personal finance app that uses personality and psychometric testing to help young professionals adopt better financial behaviours. Our research showed that because financial services offer the same default solution to everyone, people find money management complex and not relevant to them. Quirk shows users their financial data across all their accounts like other personal finance apps in the market but adds a personality layer that delivers the relevant financial intervention at the right time. We are initially targeting young people in the UK (18-35 years old) who are poor at money management, but more likely to use a digital service to manage their money.

We monetize the app with third-party referrals by promoting financial products (savings, utilities, insurance), a freemium subscription model, and licensing our personality testing tools to financial services to help improve their product engagement.

We have had 20,000 people who have taken the personality test and 3000 signed up on our waiting list for early access to the app. We launched the first version of the app in the UK on both Android and iOS last month and testing it with 100 users. We have seen a bi-weekly engagement rate with the app and a 75% onboarding completion rate. We've also registered as an agent under Plaid's FCA license and now have the regulatory license to launch the app publicly. 


Nafeesa Jafferjee - Nafeesa is a service and interaction designer who has shipped B2B and consumer products at scale. Nafeesa has a MA in Service Design from the Royal College of Art. She was a designer in San Francisco working at OpenTable and prior to that employee number 50 at Vungle (an ad tech start-up) that got acquired at an $800 million valuation in 2019.

Nikos Melachrinos - Nikos has a BA in Economics from Brown University and an MA in Service Design from the Royal College of Art. He was employee number 5 at ThinkSmart, a workflow automation startup, that was privately acquired by Mitratech in 2018.

Funding Requirement:

We are currently raising a £300,000 pre-seed round. We have £ 250,000 committed so far and have Start-up Funding Club leading the round. We have previously raised £25,000 pre-seed from Telefonica.

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Nikos Melachrinos

Co-founder and CEO

Nikos is the CEO and Co-founder of Quirk

Nafeesa Jafferjee

Co-Founder & Chief of Product

Nafeesa is the co-founder and chief of product at Quirk

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March 31, 2021


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