Making childcare more affordable and easier to manage for working parents.


We are a parent-run technology company, offering the Childcare Cash Advance Scheme (C-CAS) to working parents or to employers as a voluntary employee benefit. 


Why use C-CAS? 

Children are great, no question but early years and school-age childcare is expensive.  The C-CAS scheme helps to make childcare more affordable and easier to manage.


What exactly is C-CAS?

The scheme is essentially an online account, mobile app and marketplace.  Employers can support their employees by providing an interest-free 12-month loan, which is paid in to their online account, to then be used specifically for childcare costs.


Can everyone use C-CAS? 

Yes.  Whilst the scheme has been developed as a voluntary employee benefit, you can still use the scheme, even if your employer doesn’t offer C-CAS as a benefit.


How long does the loan last? 

The interest-free loan is to be repaid over a maximum of 12 months, but the money does not need to be used within the year, which means you can build up a balance to pay for all those unexpected childcare costs.


What can I use the loan for? 

The scheme can be used with Ofsted (or equivalent) registered childcare providers or companies/organisations who provide childcare activities, such as after-school & holiday clubs, sports & activity clubs, as well as tutors, which gives parents significant flexibility. 


How easy is it to use?

From the minute the loan-sum lands in your account, you will be able to choose, book and pay for all of your childcare services from the very same digital portal.  We have endeavoured to put the emphasis on simplicity; ‘One Payment. One Portal. One Solution’.


How can I find out further information about C-CAS? 

Visit or alternatively email us at 

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