Precision Networking

September 26, 2019 | London

Price: £495.00

Course run by: Tech UK

Type: MasterClasses

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Learn how to get the best out of live networking events, with less anxiety and more tangible results.

Why should you choose Precision Networking

This course will improve your understanding of strategic and sustainable business networking. It will give you the tools to network better, the opportunity to construct and test the most effective networking pitch, and the skills to use networking events to your advantage.

Those working in the technical professions and innovation often find it frustrating to communicate the value of their products and services to the non-technical business world. It is difficult to grow your business by networking with people who don’t understand what you offer.

Communicating the value of your offering precisely to someone with an entirely different mindset, in a very short time, surrounded by many distractions, often looks too complicated. But is just a skill, like any other, perfectly accessible, and not restricted by your personality type. This course will help you tap into the wealth of useful contacts to grow your company and progress your career.

The best way to network is to have a clear and simple structure that doesn’t break under stress and isn’t affected by the unpredictability of live events. The Five Simple Steps method, tried and tested in the demanding conditions of the City of London over six years, allows you to make genuine, personal contacts without wasting valuable time and getting tangled in the networking process.

Who should attend this course?

Our workshop is aimed at those who should network more but avoid it because it wastes too much time and hardly leads anywhere. The course is based on the critically acclaimed book “Introverts Make Better Networkers – How Anyone Can Succeed” and it is beneficial to both introverts and extroverts.

Specifically prepared to work well with the technical mindset, the course will cover the following:

  • Why business networking rarely works well
  • Common misconceptions
  • Leave nothing to chance: The Five Simple Steps method
  • Your perfect networking pitch
  • How to raise your rate of success when following up
  • What makes the other person engage and want to give you their best contacts
  • Negotiating the complexities of live situations
  • Social media tips


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