FinTech & Blockchain Masterclass (Amsterdam)

April 13, 2020

Price: £1,950.00

Course run by: University of Amsterdam (David Yermack)

Type: Workshops & Training

A course For Individuals | Short Course

Do you feel the need to stay up-to-date on Blockchain and FinTech? This course will give you a clear understanding of both topics. One of the world's foremost professors in this field of study, David Yermack will return to the Amsterdam Business School in the Spring of 2020, to lecture the 2-day masterclass FinTech & Blockchain. After this masterclass you will not only be able to understand, but also develop a well-defined opinion on this revolution.

95% of the people who attended an earlier masterclass of David Yermack would recommend it.

Date to be confirmed.

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