AI, Machine Learning & Big Data for Banks & Financial Institutions

December 09 - December 10, 2019 | London

Price: £2,795.00

Course run by: Mart Van De Ven

Type: Courses

A course For Individuals | Short Course

With the promises of Big Data and AI, human intelligence and expertise have remained essential to creating value from data. Early big data initiatives in financial services often failed because they didn't define their critical success factors in the context of their existing business. Which of your current successes would be further enhanced with data? Can data be sourced across business functions? Do you have the right talents in-house? Are the right outcomes being measured?

Devising and executing on a winning data strategy is thus as much about the data initiatives your business can support as the technology which would enable them. This workshop introduces participants to the Big Data Canvas, a methodology for ensuring that data strategies remain feasible while pursuing the most valuable outcomes.

How will this course assist you?
Upon completion of this two-day course, you will be able to:

  • Recognise the dynamics of big data, analytics and data science in various financial applications

  • Identify the Critical Success Factors for an organisation’s Big Data strategy

  • Shape your organisation’s big data strategy by leveraging data science best practices

  • Articulate your business requirements to data professionals

Who should attend

  • Business Development Executives 

  • Business Intelligence Officers 

  • Data Officers 

  • Financial Analysts 

  • Financial Decision Makers in Corporates 

  • General Managers 

  • Investment, Commercial and Retail Bankers 

  • Management Consultants 

  • Marketing Managers 

  • Operations Managers 

  • Project Managers 

  • IT personnel


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