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Emergency coronavirus TEST complete for JustUs and Moneybrain BiPS.

March 11, 2020 | Crowd Funding
Emergency coronavirus TEST complete for JustUs and Moneybrain BiPS.

What a surreal, apprehensive but hugely positive learning experience.

For 30 years I have always worked out of an office, there’s something solid, dependable and comforting to know that we are sat in bricks and mortar, the client files are all securely stored in fireproof cabinets and the finance, operational and tech team are just in the next office to deal with any crisis.

But yesterday I told out our team not to come into the office and switch on our mobile cloud based disaster recovery plan.

  • Online switch of HQ phone system to Mobile APP phone calls in and out.
  • PC’s fully operational via back up lap tops.
  • All data files fully accessible via the cloud by all staff members,
  • Google supported eMail system tested and approved via two factor authentications.
  • Lender deposits processed via banking partners.
  • Interest payments made to lenders.
  • Secondary micro-loan market trading financial settlements complete.
  • Know Your Customer Anti Money Laundering checks complete.
  • Compliance oversight actioned.
  • Finance team confirmation of 100% operational efficiency.
  • Underwriting team assess new borrower applications.
  • FCA supervisor advised of disaster recovery notification (TEST).
  • New business submissions and approvals to 3rd party lenders complete.
  • New business approvals by JustUs complete.
  • End of day operational heads come together to discuss the day, picture from our virtual operational board meeting below.


With thanks to all the team, business partners and JustUs members,

All of our business planning, investment in technology and great people over the last 7 years paid huge dividends yesterday,

I am a very proud founder and CEO.



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