Press Release: InChorus launches study investigating workplace harassment in the FinTech industry

February 26, 2020 | Diversity

Written by FinTech Alliance

Press Release: InChorus launches study investigating workplace harassment in the FinTech industry

Cultural study on ‘microaggressions’ in FinTech to highlight industry wide action points


London, 26th February 2019: InChorus, the data platform which enables companies to manage their culture of inclusion, is today opening its web app for use by those working in FinTech to study the workplace culture of the industry. The project will run for approximately six weeks before the information is collated and analysed. The platform can be accessed here and is available to all those working in the FinTech industry. InChorus is committed to taking a data driven approach to culture and inclusion at scale, in order to understand where the biggest challenges are, and to work with experts to explore targeted solutions.

The FinTech industry has been under immense pressure with claims of gender pay disparity and toxic workplace culture over recent years. From today, anyone working in the FinTech industry will be able to access the platform as a confidential space to anonymously share any experiences (past or present) that they have had whilst working in the sector. By allowing anonymised reporting of microaggressions, InChorus can build up an industry wide cultural study by aggregating the data at an industry level to show trends and patterns.


FinTech industry workers will be able to anonymously tag instances of microaggressions they have experienced in the workplace. Once the research is collected over the six -week period, InChorus will release the findings to support FinTech businesses with industry level insights to kick off data-driven initiatives resulting in happier, healthier and more successful organisations. Moving forward, InChorus will be able to help companies to benchmark themselves against this industry data to understand how they are progressing against other companies in the space.


“We believe that to increase diversity and foster inclusive environments, harassment must be prevented and a ‘speak up’ culture needs to be fostered. Ultimately, cultures are shaped by the inappropriate behaviours that are tolerated every day. We are serious about culture change and we believe bringing actionable data to this conversation is key as what is measured can be improved,” commented Rosie Turner, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of InChorus. “This research project will focus on ‘microaggressions’ and what impact these behaviours can have on the overall culture of the FinTech industry.”


This research project is being undertaken in partnership with Innovate Finance, FinTech Alliance and Level 39, and is sponsored by Revolut.


“Diversity and inclusion are key priorities for us,” commented Clare Black, Director of Corporate Affairs & Communications, Innovate Finance “I am delighted that we will be working with InChorus on this important initiative to help build a resilient and sustainable workforce in FinTech.”


InChorus carried out a similar project in 2019 which revealed bias & harassment issues the music industry faces.


About InChorus

InChorus provides analytics & data-led interventions to build more inclusive workplaces.

InChorus’ software allows employees to anonymously log incidents of harassment. This data is then aggregated into key insights and can be used to create customised training offerings and solutions. In this way, InChorus enables companies to manage the best diversity and inclusion initiatives and focus on prevention- steering their culture away from more severe incidents.


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