Innovation August 14, 2019

Have your say on disruption in Financial Services: join the Currency of Collision conversation today!

Have your say on disruption in Financial Services: join the Currency of Collision conversation today!

Our recently-launched Currency of Collision campaign is exploring how those in the Financial Services industry are seeing beyond disruption to the opportunities that will set them apart.

As we continue to co-create the campaign with the industry, we are excited to invite the FinTech Alliance community to join the conversation.

We are inviting leaders who work within, or alongside, the Financial Services sector to share their perspectives, thoughts and experiences of what this future might look like, how it is affecting organisations today, and how organisations can act to turn this disruption to their advantage.

We are excited to launch today our Currency of Collision FinTech Survey, which invites you - the FinTech Alliance community - to bring to life the new entrant perspective on disruption and the opportunity it holds.

The survey explores your perspective and experiences of:

  • the areas of the market that are most ripe for disruption
  • the enablers that are making this disruption possible
  • the role of FinTechs as disruptors in the industry
  • the opportunities and challenges facing you today

All data will be aggregated so no individual response will be disclosed, but if you would like to receive an exclusive copy of the results as a thank you for your time, you will have the opportunity to provide your contact details.

Your input will shape the narrative told over the next couple of months as we bring together incumbents, new entrants, adjacents and regulators to explore the Financial Services ecosystem of tomorrow.

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Want to find out more about the Currency of Collision?

We released our initial guide to Harnessing the power of disruption in the Spring, based on joint research and insights from our global strategy house, Strategy&, and our Financial Services Disruption experts. 

This identified c.£100bn of revenue across Financial Services which could be subject to disruption by 2030. These disruptive opportunities exist at the points where different forces collide; where customer appetite for change meets the right enablers - technology, talent, ease of customer switching, regulation, and funding. 

Our view is that companies that can think beyond where they are today and imagine a new future will be the ones that will succeed in tomorrow’s world.

To read more about the Currency of Collision campaign, download our guide, and sign up to regular updates click here.

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